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As Soon As Posible tempLATE: the 'class' that let you separate PHP developing from web designing. The last version is 0.1.2

When working on big PHP projects one of the big problems is where you stop developing the application itself and where the look and feel starts.
And if you only have to develop the processes and the graphical desing is made by another person or team, then the problems turns into a nightmare.
That's where ASAPlate saves you, because it let's separate the php source code from the templates that generate the look and feel. This library is based in another very well know, FastTemplate, but this one has a diferent philosofy of working. ASAPlate it's easier to learn and to use and it requiers less lines of programming.
As in ASAPlate variables don't need to be declared it is very flexible and even the designer can add some variables to help them do the design.
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